Talks & Conferences

Mercedes Lopez Invarato & Kenn Nakata Steffensen

“Peripheral concepts of world order in the age of high imperialism: Spanish, Japanese and U.S. discourses of international politics and identity” Spanish Association for Pacific Studies conference on “Spain and the Pacific” Valladolid, November 1997

Kenn Nakata Steffensen

“An outline of the crisis in British subtitling” Media for All. London, June-July 2011. Forthcoming in Diaz-Cintas, Jorge & Remael, Aline (eds.) Audiovisual translation: Taking stock. 2013.

“Miki Kiyoshi’s conception of community: Beyond liberalism, nationalism and Marxism.” Continental and Comparative Philosophy Conference. University College Cork, March 2011

“The empire that dares not speak its name: The politics of translating the Danish constitutional order.” Nordic Translation Conference. University of London Institute of Germanic and Romance Studies, March 2008. (Published in Epstein, Brett (ed.) 2009. Title changed, as Neal Ferguson had already used it in another context).

“Audio-visual translation in early 21st century Britain: Reflections and impressions from the freelancer’s desk”. Lecture at University of Surrey, Centre for Translation Studies, 25th January 2006 and at Edinburgh Film Festival, 24th August 2006

“Overcoming Westernity: East, West and Modernity in Japanese International Relations Discourses.”  August 2004. Written for Harvard Project on Asian International Relations conference. Paper accepted, but unable to attend for personal reasons.

“Striking a balance: Japanese human rights policy in Asia and the international politics of identity. Paper presented at Nordic Institute of Asian Studies and Danish Centre for Human Rights conference on Human rights and Asian values. Copenhagen, 1998

“Slaves of Paradise: A concrete account of a utopian commune based on common sexuality, psychoanalysis and art”. Review of Madsen, Børge Paradis Slaver. Socpol: Copenhagen, 1996 and introduction to the author’s lecture at School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London.

“Japan in the international politics of identity” Lecture at School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, October 1997

”The US-Japan alliance and Asian security at the turn of the century” Invited lecture at School of Social Sciences and Humanities, University of Southampton, King Alfred’s College, Winchester, March 1999


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