The purpose of this site is to disseminate and discuss our work in progress of a broadly speaking social scientific nature. The texts fall somewhere between research notes and journalistic commentary. Our interests include, but are not limited to:

  • Kyoto School political thought, particularly the work of Miki Kiyoshi
  • Japanese politics and foreign policy
  • Asianist political thought in Japan from the 19th to 21st centuries
  • The past, present and future of Danish colonialism
  • Political aspects of translation and the politics of language
  • Social and political theory in general
  • Ethnicity and nationalism, mostly but not only in Britain, Denmark, Spain and Japan

We will post thoughts on these and other matters on an ad hoc basis. We hope the texts will stimulate reflection and comment.

Mercedes López Invarato and Kenn Nakata Steffensen

June 30th 2009


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